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Colored Pencils

Afterschool Clubs

Club Offerings

Join Our Exciting Afterschool Clubs and Discover New Passions!
Teen DnD

Blend math and creativity in epic quests

  • Develop math skills and teamwork

  • Create a character journal for creative writing credits

  • Meet new friends


Get your hand dirty and grow something beautiful

  • Develop teamwork

  • Organizing and learning about plants

  • Create lasting memories


Unleash your artistic potential

  • Explore various art techniques

  • Express your unique vision through art

Jewelry Making

Fine-tune motor skills with fashionable creations

  • Design wearable art with our jewelry-making course

  • Develop fine motor skills and artistic flair

Crochet Club

Learn to crochet and make cozy creations

  • Learn beginner stiches and how to stitch count

  • Develop fine motor skills and artistic flair

  • Create fun pieces


Discover the beat of your own drum

  • Join our drum circle and play wind instruments

  • Learn the fundamentals of rhythm and music

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