What We Offer After 6pm

Flowers and Hand
Yellow Flower

In Bloom Academy is a place where everyone can bloom!

After Hour

Self Discovery

Facilitated by Margie Ruzzo

Every Tuesday 7:00- 9:30pm


Every week will be different. We will practice different forms meditation including chanting. Each  exercise is designed to facilitate each participants self discovery in deepening our acceptance of ourselves and others. Building a community with each other sharing bottomless belly laughs and emotional bonding that will last a lifetime.

Movement Yoga


Coming Soon

Margie has help me discover new ways to be gentle and loving to all parts of me. I have disovered how to love myself in all my imperfections. How to release anger in a healthy and constructive way. She has taught me techniques on how to connect more deeply iwth my loved ones and I am a better person from the workshop meditations and techniques practiced. I especially love her long hugs and syncronized breathes.