Our Services

Educational assessments provide us an opportunity to discover your child's needs. 

Permanent Weekly Students are a part of our homeschool help program and are 2 to 4 days out of the week based on your family's needs. 

Block Classes are special interest courses focused on learning in a social environment driven to guide team work and creative thinking.

Tutoring can be group or a one on one learning experience to improve areas they are struggling with.

One time fee to assess what your child's individual educational and maturity level needs.

Tuesday & Friday blocks

Tuesday Blocking 

Life Skills 1hr

Social Skills 1hr

Youth Science 2hr

Tuesday Class is focused specifically for socially and emotionally struggling children. 

Friday Blocking

Paragraph Building 2hrs

Woke History 2hrs

Elementary to College level students

Elementary to High school level 

Math 2hr minimum per week

Reading 3hr minimum per week

College Level 

3hr minimum per week

1hr to 1hr1/2 session blocks available by appointment only

Monday (Tuesday) Wednesday (Thursday)

9am to 2:30pm

Each day comes with an hour lunch break.

Students provide their own lunch.

2 to 4 days based on your child's educational and maturity needs.

Comes with end of the year Portfolio


Science. Technology. Engineering. Math.

5hrs including a 1 hr lunch break 

(lunch not included)

Supplies included

What Our Parents Say

Plant Shed


After years of fighting with the school for them to do more with my son's IEP I started to become hopeless. I saw an ad on FB for In Bloom Academy. After one session my son became excited about learning! His reading, spelling and penmenship have improved in one month. Shalay is wonderful and my child looks forward to seeing her. I've become hopeful for his education!