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Homeschool Academy

Homeschool Enrichment

Every child has unique abilities, and our homeschool program supports that style of learning. We call our children "thinkers" not "students." We encourage our thinkers to be creative in project based learning and to use self-expression. Our program is Monday to Thursday, 9am until 2:30pm. Each day has unique curriculums geared toward every individual thinker. We offer specialty classes, once a month field trips, electives such as: crochet and D&D, and brain breaks are a few extras we offer with daily learning. Given flexibility and a growth mindset and each thinker will master the day! 



All children deserve a chance. Our afterschool tutoring tailors to all subjects and grades. Tutoring hours are Monday to Friday from 3:00pm until 6:00pm. Please contact us for available time slots and more information! 

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Specialty Clsses

Specialty Classes

What's better than having fun while not realizing you are learning?

On Tuesdays we do Life and Social skills, which are skills geared toward teamwork, respect, empathy, kindness, and cooperation to name just a few. We are always excited to help kids thrive and teaching them with social, emotional and even general skills that sometimes kids have a hard time with is why we are here!

Thursdays are S.T.E.A.M! A fun, action packed day filled with lots of hands on projects! We have gardening units, volcanos, making instruments, and even more slightly messy experiments designed to make learning interesting and exciting! 

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