Summer Program

Our summer program is filled with fun first, so that your child looks forward to the day ahead. An amusement filled summer week including a summer bridge program to avoid the summer slide will provide your child with tools that are constructive and workable in everyday life.


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What is Summer Bridge?

Summer Bridge is filling the educational gap between the grade your child is exiting out of and to the next grade they are entering. It educates them in the transition of learning the more difficult level of education they are about to approach and examines where they might find challenges so that we can address them before the new school year begins. 

Each day our summer activies provide a fun and exciting day filled with revolutionary applications to everyday learning. Each day is themed for your child, with projects that they will look forward to. We provide weekly field trips! The program provides reading comprehension and math ventures that they will not only have fun learning but will be able to use in everyday life.  

Parents will be able to see what our students have planned in their day on our summer calander. The calendar provides an itinerary that you can easily navigate. Displaying the agenda for that particular day, locations of field trips and different events that will be held so, you as the parent, can come support and participate in your child's learning and developmental growth. 

Our summer mission is to guide your child to the skills that will give them mindfulness of their emotions, awareness of conscience, accountablity for their actions, and enthusiastic motivation to chase and catch their dreams.